Sustaining PBIS in a Sea of Competing Initiatives

Why does it seem so hard to sustain school initiatives? When grant funding ends and champions move on, how do we keep PBIS strong in our buildings? This talk will provide the latest research findings and practical strategies to overcome common barriers to sustaining PBIS.

Kent McIntosh, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Special Education and Clinical Services at the University of Oregon, as well as a former teacher, social worker, and family and child interventionist. His areas of expertise include school-wide positive behavior support and integrated Response to Intervention (RTI) systems in academics and behavior support. His current research focuses on culturally responsive behavior support, enhancing family-school partnerships, and implementation and sustainability of school-based interventions. In addition to his active research, he serves as a national trainer, consultant, and evaluator of PBIS through the OSEP Center on PBIS and PBIS-SCP Canada.